Lighting and Lights are committed to making your online shopping easy and safe in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR), which is a new directive to strengthen data protection on behalf of our customers. You can rest assured that we take the safety of your digital information very seriously and this statement wWe will only process information from you that will assist your shopping experience and allow us to fulfil any orders that you place with us.

  • ·   We will only process information from you that will assist your shopping experience and allow us to fulfil any orders that you place with us.

    ·   We will always aim to give you the information you need, when you need it, in clear simple language wherever possible.

    ·   We never hide information in the “small print”, instead we provide just-in-time and bite size information, rather than an extensive list of information that may be over complicated.

    ·   You can choose what you want to see. We do not automatically enrol subscribers to our newsletters. We want you to opt in and enjoy content that is useful and relevant. Examples of our content include, a free digital magazine along with useful inspirational email newsletters that include sale notifications and other relevant content via email.

    ·    A tracking pixel is enabled on our newsletters which collects anonymous marketing metrics. No personal data can be seen using this pixel.

    ·    If you opt in and no longer find the information valuable you can easily opt out through your personal data control centre.


Below is an overview of our privacy statement in a short helpful video, providing you with a quick and convenient summary. This video has subtitles along with spoken word and images which we hope conveys the information which is accessible for all. The full version of the statement is below.

Your information will remain within our company; Hickin Electrical Wholesale Ltd.

We trade as the Lighting Company Group and our secure websites are:


This data protection policy ensures that we comply with the latest legislative EU directive; GDPR (General Data Protection Review) which comes into effect on 25th May 2018. This replaces the ‘Data Protection Act 1998’.


We believe that we should always be clear about the data we collect and tell you why we use it and who it is shared with. We never pass your information to 3rd parties for marketing.




When you are online, on any device, you may be passing information about yourself and your online activity. The GDPR lets you have more information over how your data is being used.


Any Website collecting and storing your information should be doing this for the right reasons.


Our site has a padlock and security certificates, which demonstrates to you that we take care of your online security by using the most secure levels of SSL security that encrypts data and authenticates the server provided by trusted GDPR compliant web providers. This means that all information, most importantly banking and credit card details are secure when using our site.


We will never pass any information to 3rd party marketing companies and will never sell any of your information. You trusted us with your confidential information and we value that trust. It has always been our view that we provide excellent products and service, this includes protecting your digital information.




  • We will only take (or ask you for) information we need to fulfil your orders or improve your shopping experience.
  • We limit the data we ask you for, limit the data we retain and will limit the time we store it for to the required legal minimum (in line with the VAT Legislation 1994).
  • When we contact you, it will be for a genuine reason.
  • We have robust procedures to limit the opportunity for any data breach and procedures for notification and reporting such breaches, should they happen
  • In the unlikely event of a data breach, if your details were compromised we will inform you promptly along with relevant authorities as appropriate, explaining what happened and what is needed to resolve the issue.
  • We only partner service providers for our website that protect your data to our exacting standards.


When you place your order, we will need to take some personal data in order to process and deliver your items to you. We need:


· Your name

· Billing and delivery address(es)

· Payment method

We also ask for a contact phone number and email address.

· Payment details, often these are via external payment providers (you will enter these details via their secure pages)

Your privacy and security is important to us. We limit the data collect to only what is required, however our payment gateway will require some extra identifying information such as devises that connects to its services. This data is used to prevent fraudulent card payments. 


For further information our payment gateway partner’s privacy policy statement can be viewed here.




We will contact you if a product must be recalled. This is extremely rare but for safety reasons we feel this is reasonable to expect to contact you should there be a safety implication.


We would also like to contact you to promote sales, offers and other related information such as new products, should you feel this is useful to you. We also notify you of new issues of our free digital magazine, which is packed full of trends and inspirations for home decor and lighting. Remember to opt in to receive this information, you will also receive an email to confirm that you wish to receive this information.


We understand that not all information will be relevant to you all of the time, for example, if you are renovating your home, it may all be useful to you but when you have completed your project, you may no longer wish to see it. You can choose to opt out of receiving the information we send, and you can do this at any time. We’d encourage you to opt in and see if you like what we send, but ultimately if you decide it is not useful, simply go to your preference centre and opt out.


To make it easy to opt in and out of our communication as your circumstances change, we provide a Preference Centre dashboard. You will also find our current terms and conditions and the current version of our privacy statement in full.



Shopping Experience


Whilst on the site, product related information is collected which makes your shopping experience more tailored to your requirements which are referred to as codes. We balance the codes we use and only select to use those which benefit our customers. The coding we use is a programming formula that is used to help analyse customer journeys to help provide the most accurate results.


An example of coding, is where it will remember what you placed in your online shopping basket which will then be saved for you for when you return if you’re too busy to check out right there and then.


Payment Gateways


When you place your order with us, we offer a choice of various payment gateways. These are secure third-party services that process payments. Payment gateways that are used on our site include SagePay and PayPal. For full terms and conditions from our chosen payment gateways, see here. Please note that no payment details are stored or viewed by us.




We will only ever collect or share information that is required to fulfil your order. If we can provide you with the best service without needing to share any information, we will. However, to enable us to deliver an item to you, we will be required to pass necessary information to our couriers, such as parcel couriers or pallet delivery companies. We have vetted all of our delivery partners to ensure that they also protect your information and are GDPR compliant.


In order to deliver your goods, we would only need to pass your name, delivery address and billing address. For a free, enhanced service which allows the courier to inform you when to expect your delivery, we also pass a phone number and/or email address. This allows our couriers to send a one-hour delivery time, drivers can call you if there is an issue and it also allows you to reschedule via online apps directly with the courier.


On occasion, we may use our manufacturing partners’ courier companies to deliver your items if we feel that there is a benefit to you by dispatching directly from the manufacturing workshops. The same information (name, address, email and phone number) will be provided. Our manufacturing partners may use various delivery companies and in line with the contract we have with them, coupled with their compliance with GDPR directive, they too must ensure that they treat your details confidentially and will only pass on the basic information required to deliver your parcel.

See this page for further details of the Privacy Policies of our Third Party Couriers





If we need to discuss an order you have placed with us, we will invariably use email to do this. Our email system is companywide and provided by Google and managed by an industry leading trusted third-party customer service management software Help Scout.


This system allows us to answer inbound queries quickly by sharing enquiries between our team of trained customer service representatives. This keeps a record of written email conversations, for example; should you have any special requests for your order or require specific information before placing orders. This email system is accessed via secure networks and only our staff see this information; either to deal with your enquiry or to improve our sales and service to our customers as it regulated and monitored by team managers.




To make communication with us easy we provide an online chat service on our websites. This 3rd party service provided by Zoho Sales IQ  collects information about your geographic location, email address where provided and pages you have visited on our website.


For full details on how we process any personally identifiable information (PII), how long we store this information and our legal basis for processing this information please visit this page



Like most websites we use Cookies to collect information. Cookies are tiny snippets of code stored on your computer. They enable us to ensure our website gives you the best shopping experience and is easy for you to use. Cookies are useful as they will remember, for instance, the last page you looked at and what you have in your shopping basket. They also assist us is collecting information about how you use our website which enables us to evaluate and improve our site and the service we provide. Cookies allow us to offer you products and tailor discounts and offers that are relevant to you.

You can, if you wish, block cookies by activating the settings on your own computer but this could have a detrimental effect on your shopping pleasure when using our site. You may find that you are unable to access some areas of our website or parts of the site do not function as you would expect.

Please contact us or visit our Cookie Policy page if you would like more information about the cookies used on our website.



We periodically review our Privacy Statement to ensure that it offers you the best level of protection.

Should you ever need to request information on the data that we have on record, in the first instance please write to:


The GDPR Officer

The Lighting Company Group

Unit 9 Mart Road Industrial Estate

Mart Road


TA24 5BJ




Should you have any reason to complain to us regarding the use of your data, we will supply all data as requested within one calendar month. In the unlikely event that you are not wholly satisfied with our reply, you may write to the Information Commissioners’ Office; The UK's independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals at:


Information Commissioners’ Office:

Wycliffe House

Water Lane