Privacy Policy & Cookies


At 'Lighting And Lights' we are very careful with your personal information. Your details will not be disclosed to any third party outside of this company for marketing. Your payment details are not stored by Lighting And Lights, or our other websites. We use secure payment gateways, who are trusted reputable companies. We do not sell or export you data to anyone.

Our site contains COOKIES. Cookies are tiny snippets of code, which are then stored or your computer to make shopping on our site simple. The cookes are useful to your shopping experience, for example they remember the last page you looked at and what you have put in your shopping basket. By continuing to use the site you agree to use cookies and indeed without the use of cookies you shopping pleasure will be greatly reduced. You can TURN OFF COOKIES altogether, via YOUR COMPUTOR. Below you will find details of the cookies used within this site. Rest assured the use of COOKIES within our site will not compromise your personal information. WE DO NOT sell or export information outside of our company, and take care of your data in accordance with the data protection act.

OUR COOKIES & What they do.

vscommerce - A session identifier cookie that disappears after the browser is closed. This is a unique ID that references the database entry holding information such as the basket contents, logged in status and other information.

VSCurrency - An identifier that references the currency the prices are displayed in.

VSVatPrices - An identifier that references if prices are shown inclusive or exclusive of VAT.

VSCategoryGroup - An identifier that references the last top level category visited.

VSCourierID - An identifier that references the courier the customer has selected.

VSCountryID - An identifier that references the country the customer has selected.

vs_username - The login username of the visitor but only if the visitor selected for the website to remember their credentials.

vs_password - The login password of the visitor but only if the visitor selected for the website to remember their credentials.

Google Analytics - Non-personal information used to track a visitors route through the website. This is used to find at which point customers have abandoned the checkout process and is used to improve the website. You can read more information on the cookies used by Google Analytics uses on its information page