Inspiration and Ideas for Your Lighting

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A myriad of treasures from your unique travels, not simply sticking to one style.

Using a backdrop of colour with a commonality to your favourite idylls of escapism, you can display your favourites from everywhere; Moroccan to Mexican, Danish to Dominican, all in perfect harmony.


Valuing and embracing cultural trends reflecting a more inclusive approach to styling. It signals hope. Accepting and admiring diversity.



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Circles are big! And small and halved.

Expect to see globes used globally. Every room in the home will be catered for.


Lighting will feature solid circles, globes and hoops.

The emblem of the decade will be circular, you’ll see art, wall coverings, rugs and luxe light fittings featuring the ever-popular spherical shapes will be more popular than any other style of light.

The light fittings will be used to unify a transitional style.

The luxury globe shaped lamps are worth investing in highly stylish and useful especially valuable for harmonising and balancing with other trends.

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The Scandinavian interior design trend is ever popular, iconic and renowned for it's cool, chic and sophisticated pared back ideals.

Wood and natural materials play a huge part, as do textured materials and fabrics.

Scandi style needs to feel as good as it looks, so cosy comforts are a must.

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 Adding bright coloured lighting to your home is like indulging in our very first visit to a sweet shop. Cast your mind back to trying to select what you wanted from all of the brightly wrapped sugary offerings on display. The essence of that wonderment, that overwhelming choice of ensuring your hard-earned pocket money was spent on something that you really enjoyed, not just settling for an out of date chocolate bar as it was simply half price. Make your home, sweet home!

If you’re simply not satisfied with a ‘painting by numbers’ approach to interior design, this is a look where haphazard creations and an eclectic pick and mix style are crucial, along with the melted marshmallow that glues it all together.

Colourful pops of candy tones add a fun and cheery look to the room and allows you to display your personality. Achieving the look you love is easy, as colours blend, clash and highlight the same as in your favourite bag of sweets.

Experiment and have fun; a guilt free way to add some sweetness to your interior designs!


Pack a Punch with Bare Bulb Lighting

Pack a Punch with Bare Bulb Lighting!

If you're after the latest look in lighting, the bare bulb look is where it's at! It won't matter if you prefer modern, vintage, industrial or eclectic styling, the bare bulb look is great to bring personality and style to any space. LED squirrel cage filament bulbs have really shed the light on this look (pun intended) and offer the beauty of a traditional filament bulb with the modern technology that helps you to save money on running costs. They come in various levels of brightness and colours so you can choose the ideal levels to suit your needs.

Many multi arm lights and pendant clusters, such as the Athena (main image), Brigade and Alana are customisable so you can create your own perfect interpretation which is as unique as your imagination allows.

We have a vast selection of ceiling lights that showcase the bulb or offer a tantalising glimpse for those looking to try out this confident look.

There's also a wide variety of complimenting single ceiling pendants, wall lights and table lamps with the bare bulb look which look stunning when used together.

Do I Detect A Bit Of Metal?

A Magnetic Pull to Metallic Lighting

Nothing draws the eye like the shiny glint of metallic sheen. We've all got a bit of 'magpie' instinct in us and metallic colours with its unrivaled glossy lustre delights the senses when used in our interior designs.

Golds and polished brasses offer a winning streak to interior designs, either as a dramatic accent to dark and theatrical rooms, or as a luxury statement to a cool toned or neutral styled rooms.

Copper is hugely versatile and is great at adding a warm accent to rooms. It works with other metals well and can age to show a verdigris (green oxidisation) which varies the look.

Silver, chromes and nickels have a lustrous and reflective sheen that works effectively with all colours. Cool and sophisticated, these tones will lift colour palettes and add a chic, contemporary edge to the design.

Antique brass and bronze tones work well at hinting at an era of yesteryear, mature in age and made to last, brilliant for adding into vintage settings.

So, get detecting your favourite metal! We have thousands of metal lights for you to choose from...

Glass Pendant Lights

A Transparent Design Favourite…

If you are one to feel a little unsure about interior design, or are someone who likes to switch up the setting frequently, glass lights will make an ideal investment. Experiment with your colour and walls safe in the knowledge that your room will always be jewel accented by quality glass lighting.

Effortless beauty in a timeless material that's easy to clean whilst providing an effervescent sparkle to any setting, what's not to love? Glass is a design choice that's here to stay.

Be it clear glass or coloured glass ceiling pendants, the illumination seeps through offering a soothing lighting effect and the natural sheen reflects natural daylight so you can enjoy the variation from bright days right through to cosy evenings.

Add a touch of glass to your home! We have a great selection of glass pendant lights for you to choose from.


Art that speaks to us with a hidden message, a puzzle to challenge the mind both creatively and logically. Positivity within grasp that makes the discovery worth more to see, a pride in successfully deciphering a favourable connotation that adds warmth and harmony to your home.

You may see plenty of shapes that challenge you view of what’s expected. Light fixtures that use the latest LED tech take on new puzzling shapes.



Japanese art steeped in tradition, gives influence to home decor albeit with modern reinventions. The peaceful, harmony, and ‘zen’ like appeal that we have all come to recognise is apparent yet made modern.

Akin to any strong design, the concept continually evolves and what we can expect to see in reincarnations in the near future are:

kintsugi repaired pottery
yakisurg charred wood lights
sakura light touch



sukandi pared back



Pared back, calm style. I guess a mix between minimal modern styles where the quality of the item shines through. Neither male or female styles just simple purposeful, useful objects that do not dominate a space. Harmony, balance and equality. This look resonates and chimes with most modern cultures we can see this style being popular with all age groups too as price points are not prohibitive. Practical but not pricy.  Invest in good lighting, lamps, furniture and flooring but don’t speed too much it’s pared back living. 

liquid layers



Effortless beauty of tinted glass, diluted tones that blend and unite different finishes and colours. Dual tones to appeal to two emotions, like dip-dying a smooth lollipop into glistening sherbet.

A mesmerising effect, similar to the sea gently lapping at the shore, combining the warm, dry sand with the cool wash of the ocean for a blended effect that glistens with its own unique beauty. Materials, such as glass will be used in ceiling pendants, vases and home accessories.




Not simply mix-and-match, this is mix-and-play! A display of the varieties of your tastes, all amalgamated together to create pockets of curiosity that are Instagram worthy, nestled amongst the menagerie of life’s montage.

You can make up your own mind, have the ingenuity to validate your own interpretation of design to make it wholly yours.

supernatural lighting



Not in a spooky way. It’s a trend emerging from being hyper aware of nature and using those ethical choices within our homes. Valuing the natural world and ensuring it is treasured. If the natural world is changing we’ll pay homage and mimic it in our own living rooms. Yet, we’ll stay positive and optimistic hence the colours we see taking the limelight have a positivity.

Teaming organic materials such as stone and marble with a twist of the unexpected. Throw away the rule book of colour which states one main colour and one accent; here we see two or three main colours with a strong contrasting accent colour.

Patterns that create an optical illusion or show a dual side to mirror the multifaceted nature of our own personality.

For a look that’s full of nature’s colours, choose mossy green, pastel mint green and blue teamed with an apricot or berry accent for a vibrant contrast.

utopia lighting



An altogether conscious design, with a focus on ‘betterness’. It’s taking the wellbeing approach of the moment and extending it to all areas of our homes and lives.

We’ll be craving to live more meaningful lives, making the choice to play our part in minimising our destruction and distress on our planet. Buying locally, mending, reducing air miles, recycling and reusing will all make an impact on our interiors. The make-do-and-mend approach will greatly reduce unnecessary wastage that convenience has thrust on us. We’ll find enjoyment with simple pleasures such as drying flowers that you’ve lovingly planted when they come towards their natural end, preserving their wholesome beauty for the winter months in your home.